For CEOs and senior leaders who need to manage uncertainty, overcome stress and burnout, expand their influence, or transition to a new role with speed and ease.


Passion and purpose got you here, but it won’t be enough to get you there.

You don’t work in the non-profit or social impact space if you’re not passionate about making a difference. But unfortunately, a person or organization’s desire to make a difference doesn’t always correlate with the impact they actually make.

Too often leaders get caught up in fire-fighting and addressing the crisis of the moment. This is not only exhausting for the leader but detrimental to the organization as a whole.

I help leaders adapt and reach their highest potential, even in periods of massive change and uncertainty, so they can increase the impact of their organization.

The Opportunity

Coaching can help CEOs and Senior Leaders:


Reduce the risk of burnout and improve work/life balance.


Lean into difficult conversations and resolve conflict.


Find greater success at fundraising and influencing stakeholders.


Strengthen credibility with employees and other stakeholders.


Accelerate their transition into a new role or organization.


Adjust to and effectively manage growth and uncertainty.


Improve employee morale, confidence and engagement.

The Process

How executive coaching works.

The coaching process can be customized to suit an organization’s specific needs. But in most cases, it includes the following four steps.


Leadership Growth

We begin by collecting data to help the leader understand their baseline and build their awareness of where they want to go.


  • Individual self-assessment.
  • 360 assessment (if appropriate).
  • Psychometric assessment.
  • 1-2 sessions to debrief.


Leadership Growth

We then set clear goals and success measures and ensure the leaders’ supervisor is aligned on our path forward.


  • Leadership growth roadmap.
  • Goals, success measures, and actions.
  • 1 session to draft roadmap.
  • 1 session with supervisor.


Leadership Growth

We design experiments with new ways of thinking (and doing) for the leader to try out between sessions, as part of day-to-day work.


  • Bi-weekly calls.
  • Experiments to be conducted between meetings.
  • Continued iteration of growth roadmap.
  • Ad hoc contact as needed.


Leadership Growth

We conclude by reviewing the progress made and enlist the support of the leaders’ supervisor to continue on the path they have begun.


  • Next phase of growth roadmap.
  • Design process for sustaining progress.
  • 1 session to draft next phase.
  • 1 session with supervisor.


Common questions about executive coaching.

How will we know if coaching makes a difference?

At the start of the coaching process, we assess where you are now and agree on objectives and success criteria for where you want to go.

We will monitor progress against those objectives and success criteria, but you will also begin to notice that you are thinking and behaving differently.

We will conclude the coaching process by reviewing your progress, and ensuring that you have the support of your supervisor to continue on the path you have begun.

Do I have time to do this?

You will need to block out approximately two hours each month for coaching sessions. But we minimize the amount of additional time you need to invest in coaching, by focusing on applying different approaches to the work you are already doing. Most coaching clients find that the sessions actually provide much needed space to step out of the day to day work, and find more efficient and effective ways to deal with the challenges they are already facing.

How can I justify the expense of hiring a coach?

Organizations spend a lot to recruit excellent leaders and then do not spend the much smaller amount of money they need to help those leaders or teams to be successful.

In a rapidly changing environment, all leaders need to adapt and grow to address new challenges. This is hard to do on your own.

When you invest in your most valuable leaders’ development, it pays dividends in additional funds raised, less wasted time of highly paid executives, greater impact, new partnerships, and successfully managed growth.

Is there something wrong with me that I need coaching?

The challenges we face are vast. None of us can tackle them alone. And sometimes the bravest thing we can do is ask for and accept help. Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with many experienced and respected leaders not because there was something wrong with them, but because they wanted to grow as a leader and increase their impact.

When can I expect results?

Real change requires shifting assumptions and habits created over many years. That’s why I work with individuals over many months to not only identify the assumptions and habits that need to change, but support them as they choose and practice new behaviors and try on new mindsets.

What additional support do you offer?

Depending on the challenges you are currently facing, the basic coaching program can be supplemented with the following additional services as required.

• Shadowing – Observing the leader in action as they move through their day and then debriefing coach observations.

• Leadership growth retreat – Multiple hour session to step back and do a deep dive into strategy or other issues that require in depth time with the coach.

• Follow-up 360 interviews – To capture progress achieved in the coaching through feedback from original stakeholders.

• Paired coaching with board chair or relevant staff member – To help build a productive partnership that will transcend conflict and align on purpose and direction.

Do you offer group coaching?

Group coaching works best in the context of a fellowship or other program where leaders come together with others who are in similar roles but in different organizations. You will receive many of the benefits of 1-1 coaching while also learning from your peers’ experiences and realizing that you are not alone in your challenges. Group coaching is available upon request, please get in touch with me for more information.


What people say.

“I have worked with Shari at several times over the last few years—both on executive leadership and on exploring my next steps to maximize my impact as a change maker. She is amazing-her knowledge of the non-profit and international worlds in which I operate was invaluable as was her expansive approach, which at times was strategic, at other times practical. As a coach she is challenging and probing while at the same time supportive and empathetic.”
Minh Thu Pham, Co-Founder, New American Voices
“Her expertise in coaching, leadership development, evaluation and organizational change has been essential in helping us develop programs that build the capacity of social innovators in large companies. She is knowledgeable, collaborative and committed to helping leaders reach their full potential by developing the mindsets they need to move to the next level of impact and excellence.”
Nancy McGaw, Senior Advisor, Aspen Institute Business and Society Program

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