Leadership coaching for the non-profit & social impact space

Helping organizations stay ‘on mission’ in the face of change & transformation.


The world can’t afford for us to operate at anything less than our maximum effectiveness.

The challenges we face are vast – from climate change to the global pandemic, international conflict, income inequality, and the health of democracy.

Many feel overwhelmed as they watch the world fall apart from the side lines. Meanwhile, passion fueled social impact organizations roll up their sleeves and get to work.

But when the challenges are so vast, no amount of passion or purpose can help sustain the sheer amount of energy required to keep showing up and operating at maximum potential.

The Opportunity

To solve society’s most pressing problems

Our organizations need to become more effective, creative, and resilient.

Our leaders need the courage and confidence to help people navigate the changes required.


The Outcomes

Coaching can help organizations:



Changes in leadership can be very destabilizing for an organization. Coaching can help new leaders hit the ground running and quickly identify things that require immediate change versus those that can wait, build critical relationships, and demonstrate early wins to enhance credibility with employees and stakeholders.



The leadership approach that got your organization here is unlikely to be the leadership approach to get it where it needs to go. Coaching can help leaders evolve their leadership style and strategy as the organization grows from a small team with only a handful of key players to a larger organization creating a more significant impact.



Extended periods of uncertainty can trap leaders in fire-fighting mode, erode team morale, and reduce organizational impact. Coaching can help leaders and leadership teams focus on the bigger picture and adapt strategies to empower employees and keep their teams moving in the right direction.


About Shari Cohen, Ph.D.

I am Shari Cohen, a leadership coach and consultant specializing in the nonprofit and social impact space.

Over the past two decades, I’ve worked with a range of high-profile leaders and organizations. And they worked with me, not because they were failing to show up and give it their all but because the challenges we face are so big that even the most experienced and respected leaders need support to create a sustainable impact.

In that time, I have learned that long-term success comes from taking a view of the organization as a system.

Whether I’m working 1-1 with a CEO or coaching the entire senior leadership team, I draw upon a broad range of tools and approaches – from coaching to scenario thinking and strategy; from talent management and culture change to design thinking – to improve the way that system operates.

In short, I help leaders and organizations achieve their highest potential.

My Services

Leadership coaching can focus on either the individual leader or the leadership team


For CEOs and senior leaders who need to manage uncertainty, overcome stress and burnout, expand their influence, or transition to a new role with speed and ease.


For senior leadership teams who need to maintain momentum and morale through times of uncertainty and growth.

Past Clients

Just a few of the organizations I have worked with over the years

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